Monday, February 21, 2011

Uh Oh... Learning to Walk?

Last night, Cason was playing at his little table and it started to move.  Much to our surprise, Cason just started walking right behind it.  Yikes!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing with Eric and Whitney

All in one day, Cason got to see his Uncle Kevin and then got to see Uncle Eric and Aunt Whitney.   We went to our neighborhood supper club and I left the camera for Eric and Whitney.  Looks like Uncle Eric is working really hard to be the “cool uncle”… letting Cason do things he’s not supposed to do…  Smile

Looking at the (not made of cardboard) photobook …


Sliding down the banister…


Ha, all kidding aside, the pictures show that they had a fun night!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Battle Scar

We had our first blood yesterday... it turned out to be pretty minor but was a gusher. 

We were at the doctor's office for a recheck of Cason's iron levels and I was letting him crawl around on the exam table.  He was crawling toward the window and his hand slid off the end of the table before I could save him and his head hit the corner of the window sill.  I didn't realize he was bleeding at first -- I was more concerned about comforting him.  Then I looked down and saw blood running down his face.  I had blood all over my face and didn't even realize it... the nurse looked at me and said "sweetie, let me clean you up".  Ha. I guess its good to be at the doctor when that happens so you don't have to worry about anything.

Cason 195

So far there is no black eye, just a little bruising that you can't even see in this picture.   Like I said, minor and didn't slow the C-man down at all.

Standing all the time!

Cason 198Cason 199

He loves the bar stools which definitely pose a safety risk.

Cason 201Cason 202 

On the move!

Cason 206Cason 207

Mom, if you insist on sticking that camera in my face all the time, I'm gonna get reeeeealllll close!

Cason 205

Playing with Uncle Kev

Cason had a surprise visit from Uncle Kevin today.  Kev was up in our neck of the woods the forest for a work meeting and decided to come play with Cason. 

Play driving

Cason 210

Uncle Kevin is so silly!

Cason 213Cason 215 

Thanks for coming to see us!

 Cason 217

Friday, February 18, 2011

10 Months Old

Can you believe it?  10 Months... only 2 months until his first birthday!Cason 168

I really have no clue how I got the above picture, he is so fast and DOES NOT stay on his back long (unless he's got his bottle).  This is really what the photo shoot was like...

Cason 165 

Cason is into everything now.  He loves the door stops and just noticed the actual door the other night

Cason 174Cason 176

And now that he's such a good crawler, he's loving his tunnel

Cason 178Cason 179Cason 181Cason 185Cason 186

And look how tall he is in his Jumperoo!  Flat footed on the middle setting!  He's loves all the toys and then will remember that he can jump and jump away before returning to the toys.   Cason 189Cason 190 Cason 191 

At 10 months...

  • Eating (self feeding) anything I put in front of him -- Banana, Peaches, Mango, Pork, Chicken, Beans, Carrots, Peas, Spaghetti, Green Beans, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cheese...
  • Still eating some purees and loves yogurt!  I even let him try some sorbet and a taste of Blue Bell Ice Cream.  He LOVED them so I had to quickly find something else to distract him with!
  • Drinks Milk (formula) and Juice out of a sippy cup
  • Crawling all over the place
  • Pulling up to standing (which means his bed has been lowered to the lowest setting)
  • Loving his furry brother Admiral more and more (and his toys)
  • Wearing mostly 12 month clothes
  • Weighs over 20 pounds
  • Smiles and laughs all the time.  He is just the happiest little guy.
  • Loves this commercial... seriously, for about 2 months, if he hears this commercial come on the TV, he stops whatever he is doing and watches it.  So cute.  Apple is brainwashing him young!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Real Men...

Cook in pink kitchens!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I totally copied Suz and her Valentine's Shirts. When I found out Cason was having a Valentine's party at school, I had to make him a Tie Shirt for the occasion. 

Cason 169Cason 164

This tie shirt is very easy to make.  After I washed my other shirts I realized that the zig zag stitch was really the best option as I got a little bit of fraying in my straight stitched shirt. 

And a few pictures of on-the-move Cason.

Cason 159Cason 160Cason 161Cason 162

Sunday, February 13, 2011


My mom's spaghetti has always been a big hit with anyone who tried it.  I'd been wanting to let Cason have some but Ryan insisted we get a mat for under the high chair first so I ordered one.  It was delivered last week so I made a batch of spaghetti tonight. 

I think this first picture pretty much tells the whole story...

Cason 156 

He loved it!  He also did a pretty good job of actually eating the spaghetti.  I'd say about half was in his bib pocket, chair and on the floor.  He had to have a serious scrubbing in the bathtub.  We kept joking that he looked like he'd had a little too much spray tan.  His whole face and his hands were orange.

Cason 147Cason 149Cason 152Cason 154

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Sort-Of-Applique" sewing

For some time now I've been want to make one of those cute tie onesies, like this one from "Crap I've Made".  Suz's cute valentines shirts for her boys finally got my totally inspired so I got to work.... but I didn't make anything with a tie on it.  Ha.  That's coming though!

Suz sent me the tutorial to the "Sort-of Applique T-Shirt" (I love that name) and also told me where to get all the supplies for cheap!  We all know I love a bargain and I already had lots of cute fabrics in my stash so I just needed the heat-n-bond and the shirts.

First, I did this cute little onesie for the newest little baby in our lives... Miss Ava.   Ava's parent's are some of our good friend and her mommy also works with Ryan.  We met her yesterday and she's just the cutest little thing. 

Before the stitching

After a quick zig-zag stitch
IMAG0632 (1)

I also made Miss Ava another onesie with a cute lowercase "a" but I never got a picture of it before we went to meet her.

Then I made a couple of shirts for Cason.  They are probably too big for him so I hope it doesn't turn 100 degrees too soon!

See, since I had this cute Guitar fabric and Truck fabric, I couldn't resist making a Guitar Shirt and a Truck Shirt instead of a tie. 

Cason 143 

I did a straight triple top stitch on the truck
Cason 136 Cason 140

And a zig-zag topstitch on the guitar.
Cason 137 Cason 138 

I know another little boy named Mo that needs a guitar onesie and a truck onesie so I'll be repeating these projects very soon! 

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