Monday, April 22, 2013

Cason speaks the truth

I don't remember how the topic of hair color came up but Sunday at breakfast the conversation went something like this:
Me: Cason, what color is your hair?
Cason: Red
Me: What color is Daddy's hair?
Cason: (without missing a beat) Grey!

He went on to say mine was brown and Claire's was red like his.

After an awesome weekend, that was just a bit of a downer for Ryan! Ha!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Toddler Claire -- Long overdue update

 Poor Claire.  The neglected second child.  I haven't written anything about her (or either kid) in 2 months.  She's 14 months old now (today actually) and the last post was on her birthday.  Life with two busy kids, two busy working parents is... well... busy.  Our evenings and weekends don't leave me much time to blog... I should do better because if family history tells us anything, I wont remember enough of these years and will wish I had written more down.

At 14 months, Claire is:

  • Running all over... gotta keep up with her brother
  • Talking a little
    • Da-Da (first word)
    • Daw ("Dog") and A-da (we think this is "Admiral")
    • Hi (with a wave)
    • Baw-Baw (Ball, Ball)
    • Bye-Bye
    • Nigh-Nigh (Night Night)
    • Be-Ba ("belly button" while she lifts her shirt up and looks down at her belly)
    • Sometimes we think she's trying to say "Cason" but its not consistent so I'm not counting it yet :)
  • Eats, a lot.  She really likes fruit, next favorite is bread, then meat, then veggies.  I feel like she's always hungry and the teachers at daycare comment on how much she eats.  I often say she eats more than me and Cason combined (not as much as Daddy yet!).  As soon as we walk in the door at night, she is ready for dinner and does NOT like waiting on me to cook.  
  • Generally a little diva :).  She prisses around, sashaying one or both arms out when she walks.  
  • Very much a mama's girl.  It's cute and frustrating all at the same time.  When she's tired (which is 90% of the time we are with her) she only wants me.  That means while I cook dinner, she's standing at my feet crying for me to hold her.  Ryan has to take her outside or to do something super fun to distract her.  I hope she out grows this a bit but not completely.  I do love how much she loves on me and how much she lights up when she see's me.
  • Our little wild child.  She's loud, she screams, she climbs on things, she jumps on the bed, she falls down and gets right back up, she's not scared of much.  She is not the calm child that her brother was at this age.
  • She's very attached to her loveys.  She's not that particular and will sleep with whatever we give her, but you can tell she has her favorites... the brown owl.  Like her dolls, she wraps her arm around her lovey, puts it right up next to her face and gives a little hug and pat.  That maternal instinct already.
  • The athlete in the family, ha.  She love to play basketball and seems generally pretty coordinated.  
I'm sure there is more, but thats enough for now.  


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