Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Claire is a real walker

Claire moved up to the toddler room this week. While she took her first steps weeks ago, she's refused to really walk. Being with the big kids really kicked her into gear

She can even multitask!

Cason shares his bible verse

Tonight at dinner, Cason started emphatically saying "Matthew, 13, 19" and was making some equally emphatic hand and arm movements. We figured out he has trying to say a bible verse, maybe Matthew 13:19? Luckily, his preschool chapel teacher keeps a blog where we can see what they are learning. This weeks verse was "With God, all things are possible. - Matthew 19:26" (maybe he was saying Matthew, chapter 19... Or he was just getting numbers mixed up).

Ryan read the verse once and immediately Cason started making his arm motions and saying "God" and "possible" and "all things". It was so special to see him recall what he'd learned today. 

He followed the bible verse by clasping his hands and praying "God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food, you can eat". He prays this daily at daycare. It's nice to see him soak in the Christian influences at both daycare and preschool!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

First professional sports game

Go Rockets!
(this was obviously several months ago)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Claire's First Steps

Claire took a couple of steps on Thursday but she wouldn't do it again.  We kept trying in the evening and she was just so tired.  So, we tried this morning and she took 4.  Then, we got out the camera and she took 5 or 6.  Big girl!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cason's Current Favorite Song

Cason has mostly good taste in music.  His current favorite song is "I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons.  He asks us to play it EVERY time we get in the car and randomly at home.  Here's a video of him dancing to it in the car a few weeks ago.

And recently, he's started singing it himself.

Love this boy!

Claire - Stairs part 2

Claire has been climbing the couple of steps up into the gameroom for some time, but she refused to climb the main stairs of the house.  I wasn't too sad about this because I'm hoping to not put the baby gates back up.  But, for developmental purposes, I knew she should be doing it so most nights I'd put here down and see if she'd chase Cason on our way up for bed.  Normally she just put her hands on the step above and started yelling.   But right after Christmas, she finally decided to do it herself.

So far, we've only had one episode where she's left my sight and headed straight for the stairs.  It was almost naptime and I am almost convinced it was her way of telling me she was ready for bed. We'll see how long I can hold out on the baby gates.

Claire and Admiral

Claire has taken a while to warm up to Admiral.  In the early days, there was shaking and tears when he came close.  Now, she likes to chase after him and if he's busy eating a bone (the only time he sits still) she'll crawl up and pet his back.

He's not normally inside when we are eating because he's a scavenger... Claire is too, she can find the tiniest piece of food, paper, dirt on the floor and eats it before we can stop her.  They are a kindred spirit I think.

Anyway, he was in the house while she was having some Cheerios.  He knew the chances of flying food were high and she was keeping a very close eye on him.  I just love how she leans forward to see him and has a little grin on her face.

Claire - Walking with her walker

Claire has really had lots of big milestones in the past week.  Standing, Clapping and serious walking with her walker.

Neanie got this little walker as a freebie with another purchase at Toys R Us.  Her first day of walking with it (Christmas Eve), she looked like a little old lady, all hunched over.

Santa brought her this shopping cart and she LOVES to push it around the house.  She's also standing up better and doesn't look so old lady-like after a week of practice.  And, she's fast.

She will also use anything else that is not too heavy or attached to the wall as a walker.  Like Cason's tool bench or his big Pottery Barn chair.

Claire - Standing and Clapping

Sunday was a big day for Claire.  She was baptized in the morning and while at church, was so excited by the band she started clapping along!

For the past week, we'd caught Claire letting go of whatever she was using to stand up with for just brief seconds.  She'd quickly sit down or grab back on.  Then Sunday evening, she decided she was ready.

And that was that. Now, she's a pro. She stands and claps at the same time, and even dances a little.

No steps but I'm sure it's coming soon.

Flashback: Nummy - Christmas 2011

I was cleaning up my phone recently and found this video from last year.  Ryan and I loved remembering that time when Cason called candy, fruit snacks, etc "Nummy".  Can't believe how much he's changed in the past year!

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