Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rolling Video

Here is the quick video of our little roller.  He’s gotten to be quite the pro at this.  Still only going the one direction but does so with ease.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We have a Roller!

Just yesterday afternoon I was telling one of my friends that Cason was refusing to roll over.  We knew he could do it and would watch him go half way and stop.  Well, this is one of many times that I am sure Cason will do something just to prove me wrong.

Last night, he rolled over from back to tummy several times in an attempt to get his two-legged Sophie the Giraffe!

Video coming soon -- he actually performed for the camera this time!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

What the Dr. Ordered…Pulled Pork Sandwich

Picture 012 

I’m always up for trying a new pulled pork recipe.   I haven’t found one that I’m ready to commit to as my “go-to” recipe, but this one is on my short list.  Another great recipe from So Tasty, So Yummy. (I’m 2 for 2 on her recipes this week.  I also made her Cajun Chicken Pasta but didn’t take pictures.  It was delicious!)

Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork
So Tasty, So Yummy

1.5 to 2 pound pork roast
¼ onion, minced
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
1 twelve ounce can Dr. Pepper

Place pork roast, fat side up and onion in a slow cooker. Add the pepper, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar. Pour the can of Dr. Pepper over top of the pork. Cook on low for 8 hours, flipping over once halfway through. Shred the pork with two forks, cook for an additional 30 minutes. Serve with barbecue sauce and pickles on fresh rolls. Makes 8-10 sandwiches.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Merging the Blogs

I first started this blog so that I'd have a place to document the pregnancy before it was "public".  Then it became the digital baby book -- a place to share Cason's milestones with our family and friends that are spread all over the country.

I started my original blog over two years ago so I could share things with my family, have a digital recipe box of sorts, document our travel and the miscellaneous events of our lives. 

Both blogs are just digital scrapbooks that are more for myself (and our families) than for anyone else.

Sooooo...  I've decided there is no point to have two blogs.  I've merged the other blog into this one… We aren’t just “Sarah and Ryan” anymore and  I figure that "Filling the House" leaves lots of room for different topics... we've been "Filling the House" with all sort of things... Love, Family, Fun, Cason, Admiral, Food, Furniture, Decorating, etc.  We'll continue to “Fill our House” ... who knows what that will mean in the future... more babies, more food, more travel, more furniture, more pets... only time will tell.  

Funny Faces

Just had to share these!

Picture 001
(staring at Daddy)

 Picture 006
(too much flash, Mom)

 Picture 007
(crazy laugh)

 Picture 010
(full on laugh)

22 Weeks

A day early but I decided to combine the growth picture with the monthly picture.  Since I’m not doing so good at a “weekly” picture maybe I’ll just switch to monthly.

Cason was not very interested in stretching his legs out so this is the best picture I could get…

Picture 022

And the rest of the pictures with Pooh Bear.

Picture 018 Picture 024    Picture 020

Picture 019

Bye-Bye Swaddle

Picture 012
This week we started to realize that maybe it was time to say goodbye to the swaddle.  I had not planned to do this anytime soon but we faced a challenge.  We have used two kinds of swaddle blankets that we’ve loved.  We started with the size small SwaddleMe and LOVED it.  It worked great and was easy to use. 
But then Cason started to grow, grow, grow and he out grew it.  I bought the large size and they were HUGE so they wouldn’t keep him wrapped up. 

We already had two of the Halo SleepSacks Swaddlers so we gave those a try.  They were bigger than the small SwaddleMe but smaller than the large.  It worked great for the past couple of months.  For the past two weeks, we’ve noticed that it was just too short for our tall boy.  He couldn’t stretch his legs out -- which isn’t a big deal when he’s asleep since he sleeps with his legs bent, but you could tell it bothered him when we put him down for the night and he was still awake.

We decided to try the Large SwaddleMe again and though it fits a little better, it’s still too big and Cason was escaping most mornings.  He was woken up by his barking brother once this week at 5:00am and I watched him wiggle around and make a 180 in his crib until he was wide awake and I finally got up and reswaddled him and got him back to sleep… only to learn that Ryan found him like this after I left for work.  (He was so proud of himself, can’t you tell?)
I finally decided that it was time to break the habit, or at least give it a try.  I was so scared he’d be up after a couple of hours because he’s still got a little bit of a “startle reflex” and can easily wake himself up.  I’ve REALLY gotten used to sleeping all night again and the thought of a 3am wake up makes me tired.

But, I can’t swaddle him forever.  So last night, we only wrapped his body, not his arms.  He definitely didn’t sleep as sound as he normally does.  We heard him wake up a few times but I guess he found his thumb and sucked himself back to sleep.  He woke up “talking” at his normal 7:45ish time this morning. 
Picture 011
Night two and so far so good.  I guess its time to buy some more PJ’s!

5 Months Old

It really can’t be possible, but it is.  Cason is 5 months old today. 

2 Months


5 Months

Picture 014 

Picture 016 

Picture 017

Cason’s favorite thing to do is to stand!  I think I said this last month. He can be fussy laying on his play mat or your lap and as soon as you stand him up, he’s all smiles.  

He’s just a generally happy baby that smiles and laughs at his daddy all the time.

No major milestones in the past month… I have a feeling lots of fun things are going to be hitting us in the next month!

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Trip to the Park

We did a quick trip to the park on Saturday.  It was way too hot but Cason enjoyed being outside.  The park is such a short walk from our house… I love it!

Cason loved the swing.




And thought Daddy’s shoulders were super fun!


Brotherly Love

It is VERY hard to get pictures of our two boys together... you can imagine. I don't even try to get Cason to smile because all attempts result in Admiral running off to get a toy because he thinks we want to play.
DSC_0348 DSC_0352 DSC_0363
After I took the pictures I gave Sophie the Giraffe to Cason… Admiral was very interested but you can see that Cason knew better than to share with his brother…
C: “Look, she’s already missing two legs… I won’t let you take the other two…”DSC_0371
C: “Mom, please help…”
A: “Fine, if you won’t give me Sophie, I’ll just give Kisses instead.”DSC_0375DSC_0376
Already becoming best buds!

Sporty Baby

Football season is in full swing and basketball is just around the corner!  All is right with the world!

Future Bulldog???


Texan’s First Game


Small Paul ready for Monday Night Football!



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bumbo … Take 2

We first put Cason in the Bumbo when he was about 2 months old.  He was obviously too young for it but not any more!

DSC_0180 DSC_0173 DSC_0175 DSC_0178

background image