Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Wish we could celebrate with you but we'll see you very soon!

Cason 055

(Getting a picture of Cason looking at the camera, while he's holding the card, and the card is readable was pretty much impossible.  Here is a quick video of the outtakes!)

Everyday Cason

Cason is...

A Multitasker (playing and eating)

Cason 005

A Goofball.  He is obsessed with this new squinty eyed smile. It often includes some sniffing noises and ends with some hissing noises.  He thinks its hysterical.

Cason 006Cason 008Cason 009Cason 020Cason 021

And a curious, future chef.  He's definitely getting into everything and this is one of his favorite drawers... rolling pin, pastry blender, sifter... Mommy's baking tools.

Cason 024 Cason 030Cason 026Cason 029Cason 031

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Typical Weekend

A few shots from our typical weekend.

Doing squats.

Cason 036Cason 037

Playing with Admiral, the remote control  and the new love, the big drawers in the family room.

Cason 041Cason 044Cason 052Cason 059

Cason 057 Cason 051

Then Cason finally got to meet sweet baby Ava. 

Cason 063Cason 068Cason 070Cason 073

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

11 Months Old

Oh my, 1 month to the big first birthday.  Yikes!  As everyone says, its flown by and we've loved every minute!


He looks like a giant now!

At 11 Months, Cason is:

  • Eating all kinds of table food, pretty much anything I put in front of him.  He really likes pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches and apparently likes carrots better than green beans or lima beans (he picked them all out of his veggie medley tonight).  Banana's and Blueberries are his favorite fruits.  And when he's had little tastes of ice cream or sorbet he's wanted more, more, more so we have to hide/finish it quick.  Pulled pork is his favorite meat.
  • Crawling all over the place and fast.  (Thus the awful pictures this month). We can't turn around for 5 seconds without him having moved all the way across two rooms.  He's also really exploring the rest of the house (not just the living room and kitchen).
  • Pulls up on everything and will "walk" along the table or couch if he REALLY wants something.
  • Still loves bath time but not so sure about the bubble maker
  • Still absolutely loves getting in bed.  He kicks and smiles and snuggles his giraffe and Pooh bear and 99% of the time he goes right to sleep.
  • Drinks 3 bottles of formula a day with juice and water between bottles.
  • Drinks from a sippy cups and a straw cup
  • Laughing, big belly laughs, especially at daddy.
  • Claps his hands and will give high five with a little encouragement.
  • Loves to "drive" with his little car toy.  He knows how to push all the buttons.  His favorite is the one that makes the horn noise. 
  • Knows what button opens and closes the garage door and reaches for it every time we come in the house
  • Generally obsessed with things that have buttons and electronics (phone, computer, remote control)
  • Can crawl up stairs
  • Loves his jumperoo more now than ever... working on those leg muscles!
  • Loves to listen to and dance to music.  The other night a girl was singing the national anthem before a basketball game and Cason stopped what he was doing to listen.

I could go on and on but that's a pretty good summary.  I'm in full party planning mode now!

Here are the rest of the attempts to get good pictures tonight and some giggles with daddy.

Cason 022Cason 023Cason 024Cason 025Cason 026Cason 027Cason 030Cason 031

Cason 032Cason 034

Daylight Savings Time

I may be in the minority but I love it when we Spring Forward.  I'd much rather leave for work in the dark and return in the daylight than the other way around.  Especially now when that means the days I work from home and get to pick up Cason at 5:30, if we eat dinner early enough we have time to play outside a little.  And this is just what we did on Tuesday night. 

Cason loves the outside.  He'll go right through a meal or nap if he's outside and never fuss.  And oh how the red hair comes out in the natural light!

I cannot promise that no leaves were eaten in the making of these pictures.  We are definitely in the "everything goes in my mouth" phase.

Cason 001Cason 002Cason 003Cason 004Cason 005Cason 007Cason 008Cason 009Cason 010Cason 011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Updates

I’ve spent the rest of my day off updating the blog… some dating back to January.  Since this is my digital baby book, I posted them on the date that the pictures were taken.  Here is a recap:

Playing Outside
Super Bowl
Playing in the Sink
Eric and Whitney

I still have a few more to catch up on… but at least all the pictures are off the camera and on the computer!


I decided to take a day off work and go to the rodeo with Suz and some of her friends.  It was a rainy day but we had fun. Cason isn’t really quite old enough to take it all in, its definitely better for a walker but he did enjoy his first petting zoo! 

We loaded our carseat into Suz’s car and headed down with all three boys in the backseat.B


We hit the petting zoo first.  Cason loved the animals!

IMG_7220IMG_7222IMG_7230IMG_7232IMG_7233 DSC_7246DSC_7245

The big boys played on the grassy hill and Cason decided he needed in on the action tooDSC_7264DSC_7272DSC_7273DSC_7276

Yay!  That was so fun!


He was not a fan of the Longhorn… guess we have an Aggie in the making!DSC_7284

Not too many pictures with mommy since she’s always behind the cameraDSC_7288

And a last stop to see the sheep at the Mutton Bustin tent.  We didn’t get to watch any of the event but Cason did love standing by the rail!


And we headed home. Luke wanted to sit next to Cason this time so they could play (until they all 3 passed out)DSC_7314

And when we got home we made a final stop to have lunch with Daddy!


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