Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We had a nice Memorial Day full of lots of time in the water.  Our friends Dana and Kristin invited us over to their neighborhood pool and to cook out on Sunday.  Of course, I forgot the camera.  Thank goodness for camera phone’s so I got one picture. 


Dana and Ryan played Basketball together at Millsaps and now that Dana and Kristin have moved to our area, they play together in two recreational leagues.  The little boys are 8 days apart and play really well together. I think our boys are going to have many days playing ball together themselves.

Monday was shaping up to be a lazy day.  We planned a quick trip to the splash pad with Ryan’s parents.  Cason is slowly warming up the fountains but there were still lots of whines mixed in with the smiles.


Splashing with Daddy


Okay, this little spray isn’t so bad


The rocks are still his favorite place to hang out


Then we go the invite to our neighbors new pool.  What we thought would be a short visit before dinner turned into all afternoon and into the evening (past Cason’s bedtime).  We had a GREAT time with several of our neighbors and look forward to more swim parties soon!  Thanks Mark and Barbara.


Chilling with Daddy.  He saw daddy put his face in the water and decided to try it too. 


And then the fun begin!


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Cason loves to climb the stairs.  He's been going UP the stairs for a couple of months but in the past month he's mastered crawling DOWN the stairs.

Overdue Update!

I (finally) posted the 12 month photo for our Pooh Series of pictures.  


Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's Been Going On

I am very lax on blog posting these days.  I wish I could just tell you that I am being lazy, sitting around relaxing but that's definitely not the case.  Balancing work and home has only gotten harder as Cason has gotten older.  I'm not sure if its him needing more or different kinds of attention or just that I want to spend every minute I can with him and Ryan. Probably a combination of both. So, here are some recent pictures of what's going on in our world...

Cason can reach the door handle when he really, really wants to.  He's only tried it once or twice... and only once when it was unlocked.  Luckily I was close by and caught him before the door opened all the way and he crashed down.

We are working on eating with a fork.  If we load his fork for him, he knows to go straight to his mouth for the food.  He tries really hard to load the fork himself, copying what we do.  He's been successful a couple of times too!

We are maybe, sorta, kinda warming up to the splash pad.   I think once he can walk and get in and out of the water at his own pace it will be better.

He did really like trying to climb on the rocks

Sunday, May 8, 2011

1 Year Pictures, 30th Birthday and Mother’s Day

We’ve had a fun busy weekend.  Friday I took Cason for some one year pictures at Picture People.  I’d purchased an $18 coupon deal that was the pictures and a small package of prints.  Cason is not at a good age for studio pictures so it was a bit of a challenge.  We only got a couple of really cute ones but for the price I guess it was okay. 

Saturday was my 30th Birthday and of course today is Mother’s Day.  I had a great birthday, made complete by my parents being in town and ending with a fabulous gathering of friends at Crush Wine Bar.   Mother’s Day got off to a slow start after the long night but it was a great day with lots of love, giggles and kisses.  This year was the first in at least 5 years that I’ve been with my Mom.  We didn’t do much special but we enjoyed each other’s company and spending time with Cason.  My appreciation for my mother (and my grandmothers and my great grandmother) continues to grow as I get older and move forward in this journey of motherhood.  I love being Cason’s mommy and hope that I’ll be able take all the things I’ve learned from those amazing women and be the best mommy that I can!   And I know that Cason will always know how loved he is by the mom’s in his life… Mommy, Neanie, Grandmoo, Grammy and all his many aunts!

Anyway, here are the pictures from the photo shoot.  You can see how uncooperative Cason was in most of them. 




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