Sunday, January 30, 2011


I finally got a bunch of the video’s off the camcorder and camera.  I haven’t gone through them all but here are a few I’ve been wanting to post.

First up is the first night of crawling, as promised.  You’ll see a little bribery to get him to perform for the camera… please don’t judge.

First Night Crawling

Second is a little play time with Admiral.  I don’t know what it is that got Admiral to notice him but as you can see, Cason has been noticed.  Admiral is not sure what to think about this new little thing that moves but Cason loves Admiral!

Brotherly Love

And I’ll wrap it up with an oldie.  This is from Nov 28.  We’ve been affectionately calling Cason “C-Rex” as he loves to make these little noises that sound like what TV has told us dinosaurs sounded like.  I guess its sort of like a monkey sound too.  This may be a boring 1min 37seconds but I always remember this random couple telling us one day when Cason was maybe 6 weeks old to take lots of video, one day they won’t make these cute noises anymore.  So here are the 7 month noises!


Playing Outside

We had a couple of nice weather days so we did a little playing outside.  Cason still loves his swing!


And loves eating  playing in the dirt.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Lunch Laughs

Neanie and Grandpa flew in on Saturday and left tonight. They babysat Cason today while Ryan and I were working. Ryan met us at JAX Burgers Fries and Shakes on 2978. Food was great and Cason's laughs at silly Daddy made the afternoon.

(We Also enjoyed watching Cason strain his neck to watch the little girl behind him.)
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Monday, January 17, 2011

We have a Crawler!

After thinking he’d never figure it out… he surprised me and crawled across his playmat tonight.  I got the video camera out and caught lots more crawling to be posted later. It’s certainly not graceful but he gets where he wants to go! 

9 Months Old

Holy Cow!  9 Months Old!  I can’t believe it.  I guess it’s time to start thinking about and planning his first birthday party!

9 Months Old

Cason 067

He’s 19lb 15oz (50th percentile), 29 1/4 inches (75th percentile).  His well check up went well and the doctor was pleased with everything except for a somewhat low iron level.  Since he’s on formula, the doctor seemed a little more concerned since there is iron in the formula but not alarmed.  We will start vitamins as soon tonight and go back in 1 month to retest.

Here are the comparison photos…

12 Weeks Old


1 Week Old


Things sure have changed around here in the past nine months. 

Cason can:

  • Sit up and play with his toys for long periods of time
  • Empty his toy box in no time flat
  • “Swims” on his belly in the bath tub
  • Has 2 teeth
  • Eats (in the pureed form) Squash, Zucchini, Broccoli, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Lima Beans, Green Beans, Yogurt, Bananas, Apples, Pears (his fruit intake is limited because then he refuses his veggies)
  • Feeds himself baby crackers, steamed broccoli, chicken (doesn’t actually eat much but he tries), bananas, celery(mostly for gnawing)
  • Drinks water and juice out of a sippy cup
  • Gets up on all fours, rocks, moves one hand and one knee, sometimes two knees, but not full crawling (but the baby gates are up and ready for the day he starts!)
  • Despite the not crawling, finds a way to get to what he wants
  • Stands when holding onto something (play table, couch, coffee table)
  • Laughs, smiles, babbles (ba, da, sssss, ma, etc) and still some Dinosaur noises. Oh, and motorboat noises.

More on the crawling (or lack of) in another post!  Here are the rest of the 9month photos… I have to be fast now that he prefers to be on his belly!

Cason 062Cason 064Cason 065Cason 068Cason 069

Cason 072Cason 070

The original “Pooh”, Mini Poo and Big Poo!

Cason 076Cason 074

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Fun Day

We had an action packed day for Cason’s 9 month birthday.

Play date with Luke, Hudson and Scarlett

Luke shared his headband!

Cason 028  Cason 032 Cason 047Cason 034  Cason 041 

Followed by a trip to Babies R Us to get a new High Chair.  We just weren’t loving our Space Saver.  It’s one of those things that we picked out, thought we’d like, knew lots of people really liked them but just wasn’t right for us.  We got this nice Graco 4 in 1 with some coupons (saved $55!!!).  I think Cason really likes it!  And I like being able to roll him around in it.

Cason 053

Cason 050Cason 052

And then we had some bath time fun… always a great way to end the day! All of those smiles are looking at Daddy –he’s so funny!

Cason 060 Cason 055 Cason 056 Cason 057 Cason 058 Cason 059

Almost Crawling


We’ve been thinking that the crawling would start since Thanksgiving.

Well its mid-January and still no crawling.  We’ve bought and installed baby gates on the stairs… nothing.  There’s popping up on all fours, lots of rocking, even some arm raising, but no crawling.  Now, he’s figured out how to get to things but there is lots of scooting and streeeetching involved. 

 Cason 079 Cason 080

And then there is this yoga move…

Cason 083

And lots of rolling…

Cason 084 

Back on all 4’s

Cason 085 

And then more rolling that ended up in finding out how to open the dresser drawers.  He loved it!

Cason 090 Cason 091 Cason 094Cason 093

I really don’t WANT him to crawl… but then again, I really do!  :)  This is what the almost crawling looks like… yoga moves and all.

(this post is back dated… he started crawling the day after these pictures/videos)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More solid foods

I’ve been experimenting more with letting Cason eat solids instead of puree’s.  My friend Sarah led me to this Baby Led Solids blog and it’s given me lots of ideas of foods I can give to Cason with minimal prep… and without one of us having to spoon feed him.  We still do lots of puree’s but I’m letting him self-feed when I can.  It’s nice to let him work on his meal while we eat and to let him eat something when we go out to eat (celery and steamed broccoli are easy to find at restaurants).  The downside is that some of the foods get very messy and he doesn’t necessarily EAT very much of them.  But, its great practice and he seems to enjoy it.

Apples – we started in the mesh feeder but he was just sucking all the juice out so I sliced him a piece and let him have at it.  He didn’t eat very much of it but definitely worked it over his two little teeth (that you can almost see in the right picture).  I eventually blended up the rest of the apple and spoon fed because, well, he needed some apples to clean out his system… Winking smile 


Banana’s – loves them and actually eats a lot since its so mushy but OH MY GOODNESS – MESSY!  Bath required after eating!


Chicken – didn’t eat much but did a great job of picking it up and gnawing on it.


Broccoli – no pictures but he really loved the steamed broccoli off Grandpa’s plate when we were eating out last weekend.  Thanks for sharing, Grandpa!

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