Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A little Claire time

We took the kids to the children's museum a few weeks ago. Cason took a long afternoon nap but Claire decided to hang out with mommy and daddy and eat a snack outside.

She learned how to stick out her tongue right before this and for a few days straight, she always looked like this:

Claire - 15/16 Months

Par for the course, I've just not been doing so well at keeping up with the blog.  We've had a busy spring into summer. I have started a new project at work and am no longer working from home full time. I go into a client (here in The Woodlands) almost every day.  It's been an adjustment to say the least.  I love the work and the interaction with the clients but I don't love how it has changed our routine.

Anyway, some Claire updates:

At her 15 month check up, she was
22lb, 13oz (50%)
31.38" (79%)

She's saying more new words and we are anticipating the big language explosion any day:

  • Brother - "ba-buh"
  • Daddy - "Da-Deee" (she said "dada" a while ago, but her version of Daddy is so happy and excited)
  • Shoes - "Suess" - she loves shoes... like any girl should.
  • Car - "Cah"
She's had tubes put in her ears in on May 7th and did really well.  

Unfortunately, we've had another ear infection in the first month since and I'm not convinced she doesn't have one right now.  But, she is a bit happier and doesn't fuss *as* much as she used to.  Only when she's hungry, tired or doesn't get her way. Ha, typical.

She still LOOOVES to eat and still lets us know when we take too long (meaning its not on the table when we walk in the door) to feed her.  She walks right in her class at daycare and goes straight for the table because she knows its breakfast time.  The teachers joke about how much she eats.

She likes to sit in my lap.  If I'm on the floor, she'll turn around and walk backwards till she reaches me to sit down and do whatever it is she wants to do. 

She is very attached to her "Oww" (Owl) and takes it everywhere with her.

She's still quite the Mama's girl.  It's cute and sweet and exhausting all at the same time.  Though she's starting to call for "Da-Deee" more often which we both love!  

Overall, her little personality is really developing. She loves Cason and loves to tease him... her favorite game is to grab one of his toys, blocks, puzzle pieces and run away.  She always gives it back but she laughs the whole time he whines and chases her.   She's definitely our wild child and doesn't have much fear.  She loves slides and goes straight for the riding toys in the garage when we get out of the car.  She soaks in everything Cason does, even watching and learning at his swim lessons.  

Growing up fast and keeping us on our toes!

Video Updates

Cason loves his harmonica...

Claire pretending to be a dog (she learned to pant)...

Darda fun

Memorial Day at the Waterway.  Claire loves to dance and she was a crowd favorite!

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