Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cason’s First Christmas Part 2–Highlights

Here are the photo highlights of Cason’s first Christmas

Playing with Christmas Lights


Remember when I bought these PJ’s last year??  He’s gotten lots of wear and we’ll probably just keep on wearing until he grows out of them.


Christmas presents in Cason’s eyes are pretty much summed up by these two pictures --- MUST.EAT.PAPERDSC_0345DSC_0347

There were lots of fun toys and clothes inside this paper but you know, he’s 8 months old… paper is his favorite!

He got a fun hat from his Aunt and Uncle in Seattle… and we’ve actually gotten to wear it a couple of times.DSC_0350

Spoiled rotten by his grandparents!  (He’s sporting the same outfit Ryan wore on his first Christmas.  Side by Side in later post (I left the picture of Ryan at his parents, oops!)


Center of Attention for sure!  Loves his Music and Play table!


Watching Daddy and his Uncles play with their toys…


They never grow up!


I love Christmas!


But I’m worn out!  Can I take a nap now?


And even Admiral got a new toy… a duck in a bikini (guess who picked that out?)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cason’s First Christmas Part 1–Santa!

Santa didn’t have to come down the chimney this year… he delivered a playset with swing directly to the backyard.


And, I’m pretty sure these pictures tell you what Cason thinks about Santa and his new swing!


Okay, its sort of cold… I’m ready to go back inside!



Friday, December 17, 2010

Tongue Twister

These are some old pictures that I’ve just now gotten to post.  About a month ago, I guess you could say Cason “found” his tongue.  Almost any time we’d look at him, he’d be sticking his tongue out in some way. 

 Picture 014 Picture 011Picture 009Picture 013Picture 012

And a few more pictures of Cason and Sophie the Giraffe.

Picture 003 Picture 004  Picture 008

“Mom, if you won’t give me Sophie, I’ll just chew on my fingers!”Picture 006    

(Nov 10, 2010)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

8 Months Old

Cason is 8 months old and has juuuust about too long to lay on this blanket his Neanie made him.  Look at the difference!!!

dsc_1085_1Cason 019 

He’s really growing up.

  • He laughs so much and makes us laugh and smile even more. 
  • Sits up and rarely falls over
  • Feeds himself his bottle
  • Reaches for his toys and mommy’s jewelry and the mail (loves the mail)
  • Takes baths without an infant seat
  • Has two teeth coming in
  • Is rolling in all directions
  • Pushes up to all fours and rocks and slides backwards
  • Eating (as opposed to mostly spitting out) all his veggies
  • Can feed himself a cracker or fruit in a mesh feeder
  • LOVES his brother Admiral (and any other dog we see)
  • Starting on formula (that’s right, we are packing the pump away and emptying the freezer)
  • Follows us around the room and loves when we hide behind walls/couches to play “Where’s Daddy?” and “Where’s Mommy?”
  • Babbles all the time
  • Making Dinosaur noises which have given him the nickname C-Rex

Cason 018 Cason 021 Cason 023

Cason 025 Cason 026

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Cason started a little “self-feeding” this week.


We’ve let him gnaw on things at restaurants occasionally so I bought some of the baby cracker/cookies that he can practice with.

Then I got a box of Mum Mum Crackers and he was a fan!

Cason 001 Cason 002 Cason 003

And an even bigger fan of Banana’s in the mesh feeder.  This was also his first taste of fruit as he’s gone through MOST of the veggies. 

Cason 013 Cason 015Cason 017Cason 016 

Such a big boy!

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