Thursday, July 11, 2013

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Fannie's Farm

Before we headed home from our big family reunion in South Carolina, we spent an hour visiting my Uncle Tommy and Aunt Fran (now known as Pop and Fannie) on their farm. Several years ago, they gave up the "city life" in Spartanburg and bought some property on top of a hill in Inman. They built a house and started a little garden... and got some chickens... and a tractor...and built a barn... and got some bees... and the garden is not little anymore. There are amazing views and it's just the best little farm. Cason loved seeing the tractor and the chickens. Even though he was scared to RIDE the tractor, he talks about it all the time. "I rode Uncle Tommy's tractor with Aunt Fannie. We picked up wood chips."


Holding the baby chick

Claire got in on the action too

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vacuum queen

And a video to see her in action!

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