Saturday, October 13, 2012

Claire - 8 months old

I know I keep saying this, but it just keeps happening.  These first 8 months have flown by and I think even faster than with Cason.  It's just not possible that Claire is 8 months old already.  And with the holidays starting, I'm quite certain she'll be turning a year old before I know it.

At 8 months, Claire is
  • Crawling everywhere
  • Very interactive with toys
  • Sits up well, no real falls anymore
  • Pulling up onto her knees a lot, and to standing some too (we lowered her crib this weekend after watching her get up to her feet!)
  • Babbling a lot, lots of "da-da-da" sounds
  • Such a happy baby

(I started typing this post on her 8month b-day but never finished it.  She's 9 months now and I have no clue what else needs to be on this list vs on the 9 month list, so this is the best I can do.  Poor second child)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cason Riding his Bike

The last time I posted about Cason and his Balance Bike, he was still struggling to understand the concept and the fun.  We'd watch Luke and Hudson zoom around on theirs and wonder if Cason would ever "get it".

The weather has finally cooled off enough to not be miserable for a little evening play between work and dinner.  Last night, he hopped on his bike and I guess it just clicked... as he got to the slope in the driveway he picked up his feet and coasted.  He finally realized how fun this could be!

Claire Crawling Update

Claire had that first little crawl in the ATL airport, then I guess she figured out the army crawl was faster/easier.  So, the past two weeks she did lots of this:

And crawling helps you find cool "toys" like this:

She's FINALLY, as of today, started doing more real crawling.  Its not very graceful and she doesn't go far before she goes back to her belly, but she's getting there.  

Cason Video's

Just a couple of video's I've been meaning to post.

First up... I like to torture Cason sometimes. Any good Mom does this to their kids, right?  He has this fear of the FoodSaver. He can't stand it. Here's video of his reaction to me having just used it.
I should have taken the time to subtitle this.  But, I think he's saying "put it back in the cabinet" and "put it back right there" or something like that.  I was sick and had no voice... which is better since you can't hear how much I'm laughing!

Luke and Hudson were in town for a visit.  We met at Wonderwild.  Cason and Luke had a lot of fun tackling each other.
And we all went down the slide together, Claire included
Cason loves Claire, she loves him.  This night, he thought it was SOOO funny when Claire's high chair would move.  He didn't realize I was pushing it with my foot.  The laughter before I got the camera going was even better than this.

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