Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dinner time! (and Claire's first table food)

Ok, well not really table food, but I let her gnaw on some celery while Cason devoured his lasagna.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ABC-Jesus Loves Me Remix by Cason

Cason's two favorite songs are ABC and Jesus Loves Me.  He likes them so much, he remixes them as one song.   Here's one version (during blueberry pancake breakfast).

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cason - 2 years and not quite a half

Cason does something funny or new or frustrating or exciting or adorable every day.  He's so verbal and talks non-stop (not sure where he gets that from).  He uses complete sentences and is really turning into a little boy.

Common Phrases
  • "Where's Mommy?" "Where's Daddy?" "Where Mommy Go?" "Where Daddy Go?" -- He's become very aware of us leaving a room.  It's cute and obnoxious at the same time because no answer really satisfies him until you come back.  Even just turning the corner from the kitchen to the utility room can spark the question until we return.  
  • "Claire's awake" -- This does not necessarily mean she's awake.  I think he says it more when she's asleep because he wants her to be awake.  I think this because he often does his best to wake her up shortly after this conversation about how Claire is, in fact, NOT awake, she is ASLEEP and I'd like her to stay that way happens!  :)
  • "Big Balloon out Claire's window!"  "Where'd the big balloon go, Mommy" -- There is a store on our way to daycare, church, the grocery store, pretty much everywhere we go, that puts a big blown up balloon on top with some sort of special sale.  He loves this balloon and points it out every day.  They take the balloon down every couple of weeks and this makes Cason really sad until it comes back up.
  • "Daddy's at Work", "Daddy's playing basketball with the guys" -- These are the two places that Daddy always is if he's not at home (which is pretty much true).  I had to say that Daddy plays basketball with the "big guys" because he was crying that he wanted to play basketball and I caught myself saying he was playing with the big boys... but we have been calling Cason a "big boy" a lot (sleeping in his big boy bed, trying to talk about potty training, eating dinner, etc) so I had to change that to the "big guys" and it stuck.
  • "I want to play iPad" -- this is said on repeat and is usually the first thing out of his mouth in the mornings, after nap, etc, etc, etc.  He's addicted and we rarely give in.  The newest variation of this is "I want to play Lego's on Mommy's phone".  I have a Lego game that he's finally figured out and he thinks if I say no to the iPad I'll say yes to the phone.  Keep trying buddy.  I do use the phone in the car to keep him awake if I'm trying to prevent a car nap on the way home from a play date or something. 
What he's up to
  • Loves to play with his Lego's and Hot Wheels.  I think both of these loves were kindled/rekindled after our trip to the beach and some time with Uncle James!  Also likes to play "choo choo train upstairs" (his train set is upstairs and we spend more time downstairs so its a big deal to go up and play trains).
  • Love to play puzzle games on the iPad.  Wants to play "birdies" (Angry Birds) but hasn't figured out how.  Also likes the basketball games but doesn't have a clue what he's doing.   
  • Likes Mickey Mouse
  • Very attached to his Giraffe and still sucks his thumb (not sure how I'm gonna break the thumb habit)
  • Has gotten a bit pickier about food.  It's not that he's picky but he's just trying to flex his muscles and only eat the things he wants to eat... which I shouldnt complain since its often veggies (no meat) but he's definitely got a sweet tooth and always wants some sort of cookie, candy, cake, ice cream, popsicle, etc.
  • Loves Hot Dogs -- I don't buy them much but I always know that if I order him a Hot Dog or Corn Dog when we eat out, he'll eat good and normally that allows us to have a somewhat peaceful meal.  Other favorite foods are still corn, spaghetti (pasta in general) and fruit.  The boy loves fruit.
  • Loves to swim.  And, he thinks he CAN swim but he CANNOT!  This is good and bad.  I'm glad he's not scared of the water but a little bit of fear is probably safer.  He will just jump right in and not care if anyone is looking.  We've mostly trained him to ask "Are you ready, Daddy?", "Are you ready, Mommy?" and making sure he gets a "Yes" before he jumps in, but he is not to be trusted one bit!  He's a daredevil for sure
  • Loves all sports.  "Go Go Dynamo!" "Go Go Texans Football!" "Go Nastics" (Gymnastics from the Olympics).  
  • Sleeps in a toddler bed -- I need to do a full post on this.  Short story is I was so scared he'd be up 10 times a night.  Nope, not once the first night and only once or twice since... one of the times because he'd gotten sick.  Most mornings he gets up and stands at the top of the stairs.  He turns off his sound machine and humidifier, opens his door, sneaks out slowly, closes his door and waits.  He has started to get up and get books then get back in bed and read.  I love watching him do this on the monitor.
  • Likes to "get Daddy's chair" and help Mommy in the kitchen.  I try to encourage this as much as possible so he'll learn to and like to cook!
  • Loves to make Claire smile/laugh.  Periodically likes to hold her, hug her and give her kisses. 
  • Likes to ride his bike but still hasn't figured out how to coast.  
  • Getting his 2 year molars... one has cut through and maybe more.  It's hard to get him to show us and I don't dare stick my finger back there anymore.  Ouch. 
And some recent pictures 

Claire - 6 Months

I'm very, VERY, behind on blogging.  This two kids-working full time-have a super busy husband life is HARD!  Blogging has definitely been put on the backburner.  So tonight, I'm staying up to write a couple of posts to make sure I don't forget things that Cason and Claire are doing.  First up... Claire!

SIX MONTHS OLD!  Not possible.  She is 26.75in tall (84%) and 16lb 14.4oz (70%).

Cason was 28in (93%) and 18lb 11oz (75%) at the same age.

At Six Months, Claire is:

  • Sitting up
  • Rolling over in both directions
  • Babbling a lot
  • Squealing and big belly laughs
  • Loves the Jumperoo -- she would sit it in for hours if we let her
  • Eating 3-4 8ounce bottles of Formula -- she is on the sensitive kind as her reflux still gives her some issues on the regular stuff
  • Sleeping 12 hours (when we let her, I have to wake her up most mornings) and takes 2 good naps
  • Eating baby food (2-3 ounces) at night.  So far we'v done Avacado, Squash, Zuchini and Broccoli.  She loves the Avocado and does okay with the others after the first couple of bites.  She starts to attack the spoon if I don't feed her fast enough.
  • Is IN LOVE with her brother.  She hears his voice and starts smiling.  She watches every move he makes.  If she's eating her bottle and he's being extra crazy (the normal for him) she stops eating to watch him.  
  • Loves her toes
  • Loves stuffed animals
  • Loves her Daddy (Mommy is alright too, but Daddy is #1)
  • Still has blue eyes!
  • Sucks on her bottom lip all the time, chews on things, drools... no teeth yet
A few more pictures from her at home photo session.

And a sneak peak of her 6 Month Photo Shoot.  She was not giving out smiles... this is the ONLY one we got.  Next time I'll be sure to take Cason or Daddy with us.

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