Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walking Wounded

We had our first walking accident on Saturday.  Cason was coming for the guacamole and lost his balance, hitting his head right on the edge of our friends raised hot tub.  He had a pretty good goose egg for most of the night but no blood!  He calmed down pretty quick, especially after he got a sip of juice and the guacamole he was after!  These pictures are from a couple of days later when the swelling was gone and the bruising was at its worst. 


I’m sure there are many more of these to come.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Shoes to Fill

I think these pictures speak for themselves!  The love affair with basketball is starting. 

Daddy has always been #50 (with a few exceptions).  It was David Robinson’s number… “The Admiral”: Ryan’s basketball idol and our first child’s namesake. 

I sure wish Ryan had a The Woodlands High School or Millsaps jersey but the pictures are still pretty cute in his church league gear! 


It feels like a weekend of basketball… we had so much fun yesterday watching Luke and Hudson play basketball too! We were very impressed by their shooting skills!

Cuddle Baby


We don’t get much cuddling from Cason these days though he is starting to learn to Hug.  I took this picture on my phone a few days ago.  He’s become very attached to this giraffe for sleeping. 

And I always put him in his crib the other way, so that he has lots of room left and right, top and bottom.  Most days and nights, he rotates himself to sleep like this.  I guess he likes the snuggle factor of his head and bottom both touching the bumper.

Sickness Starting

Thursday the sickness started.  That was 6 weeks, 3 days, pretty much the same time it hit me with Cason.  This time it is different though.  So far, it is the worst at night though if I don't get some sort of food in me first thing in the morning I can feel it coming.  I threw up Thursday night and so far that's the only time.  I've had to eat often to make the nausea go away which is also so different than last time.  I could not eat whe pregnant with Cason.  And eating DID NOT help my morning sickness.  Throwing up was just something I had to do most mornings those first 20 weeks.  We'll see how this progresses.  Right now its small meals, lots of fluids, lots of crackers and Goldfish (having a toddler in the house = having Goldfish!)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Late Night Silliness

We were out past bedtime last night.  When we got home, Cason had fallen asleep in the car so we were trying to take advantage of a little cuddle time before we put him to bed.  It didn’t last long.

He went from this….


To this…


To full on goofy… (but a great picture of his teeth!)


To a little roaring lion…


Our form of Baby Proofing

We haven't done much baby Proofing other than gates on the stairs and moving some dangerous/valuables from low places. But today, we did have to do some work.

Our nice big pantry got a little smaller today. Had to move everything off the floor and bottom shelf now that someone is so mobile. He's also getting pretty smart at trying to open doors.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father’s Day 2011

We had a nice Father’s Day at home this year.  I made omelet's for breakfast… my two boys favorite!  Then we went to Ryan’s parent’s for lunch and a little swimming before Ryan’s basketball game.  Since it was Father’s Day, Cason and I went to watch.  We don’t do this often… game time is usually either grocery or nap time for me and Cason.  

Ryan’s first Father’s Day…


And this year’s photo recap!

Building Lego’s with Daddy


Family lunch and pool time



The boys (minus Fievel, he had no interest in the water!)


Three generations (they are trying to get Cason to wave and take his fingers out of his mouth, it didn’t work)DSC_1345

Since the boys couldn’t play basketball with the dogs in the pool, they made do with Cason!

Baby Hot Potato

Cason’s gift to his Daddy that we made at our play date on Friday (thanks Suz!)


Hope all the dad’s out there had as nice of a day as we did.  Happy Father’s Day to my dad too!  See you soon!

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