Monday, April 23, 2012

2 year old stats

I plan to go back and do a normal post on Cason's birthday festivities but at a minimum wanted to get his 2 year old stats recorded.

He is 29lb 2oz(65%), 35.5"(80%). 

Here is a slideshow of pictures from his birthday party.

Friday, April 20, 2012

More Painting

I have a couple of pieces of "art" that I made at girls night out at Painting With a Twist that were sitting behind my closet door.  They had about a 1% chance of ever being hung on display somewhere in our house so I decided to repurpose them.  I painted over my masterpiece with white paint to have a like new canvas.

I had seen some ideas on Pinterest of using vinyl letters and/or painters tape to put a name or word or phrase on a canvas, letting your child paint over the letters and then peeling the tape off to create a personalized piece of art.  Here is an example.

Well, I don't have one of those fancy machines that can cut out letters and didn't have time to go out and buy vinyl letters from the craft store so I just cut mine out of contact paper (that can be purchased at Target on your daily weekly trip).

I decided we'd make a little art for Daddy's office.  I found some cute Daddy quote's online but was not about to cut out several words myself.  So I decided to use the phrase "daddy work".  You see, Cason says this A LOT.  It's really not that Ryan works all the time, but it's just that since I've been home on maternity leave, Cason has put it together that Mommy was at home and Daddy was not.  So he asks for Daddy a lot and I have to say "Daddy is at work" and that has become Cason saying "daddy work" All.The.Time.

Anyway, I thought I could cut out 9 letters without going crazy so "daddy work" was the winner.  I added a couple of pieces of blue painters tape just for fun, put down a drop cloth and covered the table and we started painting.

Cason loved it... so much that he painted his hair blue!

The finished product!  I was pretty happy with it and Ryan really liked it.  The only problem is that he doesn't have any wall space at his office... I hope this canvas hasn't just moved from my closet to his!

If I do this project again, I hope not to have to cut out my own letters.  And if I do, I'll probably give the letter section of the canvas a coat of paint myself and let it dry to help the letters stick during the painting process.  Cason was a little aggressive with his paint brush and pealed a couple of the letters up as we were painting. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Claire's newest trick

Claire is starting to hold onto her clothes, blankets, burp cloths and toys. When she's wearing two piece dress outfits, her belly is always showing as she pulls her hands (and her dress) to her mouth. Trying to teach her she can't do that in public, ha.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Basketball Love

I posted this on Facebook but think I need to put it on the blog too for "baby book" material.

Before Ryan took Cason to bed...
C: "I love you, Mommy"
Me: "I love you, Cason"
C: "I love you, basketball. I love you, Rockets."

And a little basketball video to go with it. 

Cason Video's

A few video's of what Cason has been up to lately...

Reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar aka "Caterpillar book" aka "Butterfly!!!!!"

Counting to 10... This is pure memory work, he still doesn't really know what it means other than when we say "1,2,3,GO" when he's on the slide.

Starting to learn his ABC's, which he mixes with his numbers.

Working on drinking out of cup.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Claire - 8 weeks/2 Months

Claire is 2 months old and growing like a big strong weed.  She weighed 12lb 3oz (85%), 23.5in (89%).  Cason was 12lb 10oz and 23.25 inches but these were were in the 50-75% range for him... I guess she's gonna be a big girl!

She is still a fairly easy baby but has her high maintenance moments.  The major spit ups are less frequent but we do still have them every couple of days... and she's still got some manly burps.

She is still eating every 2 to 2.5 hours, sometimes she'll go 3 hours but not very often.  She's more of an "eat-play-sleep" baby than Cason was (he was more eat-play-eat-sleep).  She's falling into a bit of a routine and naps well during the day when you add all the naps up together... I just wish I could get one or two good long naps out of her instead of the little 45 minute ones.  I'm sure that will come.

The big thing is that she's pretty consistently sleeping 9 hours at night.  Yay!  She typically eats sometime between 9 and 9:30 and goes down between 10 and 10:30... then she wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30!   Now I'm working on figuring out what our routine needs to be in the mornings in order to get her fed and dressed and Cason dressed by 7:15am when I go back to work.  It's still so hard to get them both out the door since she's eating so often.

The rest of the photos... I took these while Cason was at the baby sitter so no appearance from him this time!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rainy Day Baseball

I got Cason this cute frog rain coat and rain boots several weeks ago then, of course, it didn't rain for a while.  Finally we started having some rain and we were home to play a little.  It was just sprinkling but I suited him up anyway and off we went to play a little baseball.  He loves to wear his boots rain or shine!

Cason really likes all sports.  He's figuring out how they are all played and is improving in skill... but still needs some practice... okay, lots of practice.    He did pretty well with the baseball and loved having mommy chasing after all the balls.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Claire - Smiling

Claire has been giving us some little smiles the past week that we could tell weren't "gas smiles". I finally got her on camera... With my phone so they are sort of blurry.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Cason had a busy Saturday with 2 birthday parties in one day.  The afternoon party was at the volunteer fire station in a friends neighborhood and Cason LOVED every minute of it.  He got to climb in the firetruck and see all the buttons, lights and gear.  He was unfazed when the siren went off on accident (twice).

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