Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Years – Celebrate in Austin

5 years ago (July 22, 2006), we were sweating it out in a very hot church after over an hour with no power in late July.  Despite the heat and the sweat, we had a beautiful wedding, made even more perfect by the lights coming on as I was about to walk down the aisle.  The party to follow was more than we can ever imagine… we look back on it often and have so many fun memories.  A big thanks to everyone who made that day so awesome!

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And wow, what an amazing 5 years.  We got married, made Ryan’s bachelor pad our “home”, adopted our dog Admiral, watched our friends and family get married, bought a boat, bought a lot for a new home, sold our boat (sad), started building our “dream home”, sold our first home, got pregnant, moved in our new home, welcomed home our little boy Cason, have watched him grow into a toddler… and oh so much more!

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we took a weekend trip to Austin.  We ate some awesome food, saw parts of the city we’d never seen, relaxed by the pool and had more awesome food!  Our favorites were Shady Grove for Lunch and Moonshine Grill for Dinner (possibly the best steak I’ve ever had).

On our way we stopped at the Blue Bell Factory in Brenham and did the tour


Then each got our free cup of ice cream at the end… plus another cup for $1.  (I’m wearing a necklace I bought on our honeymoon.)


We had a fancy dinner at Carmelo’s before the comedy show at Ester Follies on Friday night. (I’m wearing the dress I wore to our rehearsal dinner.)



On Saturday we went to Zilker Park.  First stop was the Botanical Gardens.  I think the drought has caused the gardens some trouble, while still beautiful, there was not much color.



Then we went to Barton Springs and put our feet in the water. Such a cool park, cool city.


The pictures stopped here, not sure why.  We had lunch at Shady Grove, relaxed by the pool, and dinner at Moonshine Grill.  Sunday morning we slept in then headed home to see our little munchkin!

Happy Anniversary, Ryan.  I love you and look forward to many, many more amazing years!

Friday, July 15, 2011

More Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, Granmoo!  See you next weekend!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chef Boyardee

I’ve never been a big fan of Chef Boyardee but Ryan loves the stuff.  I try not to think about how bad it is for him but I think about it enough to rarely give it to Cason.  But, I was low on time and low on fresh foods so I gave him a can of beef ravioli. 

You be the judge on what he thought about it…


This was not a fun clean up.  We went straight to the bath for an afternoon clean up.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Visit to Jackson

To continue our busy July, we took a quick trip to Jackson to see my family while Helmi was in town.  It was the first time we’d all been together since Thanksgiving. 

We ate our favorite foods (Keifers, OEC) and saw some friends.  But mostly we just enjoyed time with the family!  Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Eating breakfast in the high chair, Mommy, Uncle James and Helmi all ate in.  I love how relaxed and comfy he is!DSC_1651

Of course he found the phone! (he had one in each hand prior to this and actually called Aunt Dee at some point)DSC_1647

The most beautiful little girl in the world!




Kisses from Aunt Taylor and Uncle James


Me and James and our babies!




Modi is such a cutie and has some awesome facial expressions!





Neanie, Grandpa and their grandbabies.  There is something funny about most pictures, here are a few of the best!


And a few pictures of the cousins… trying to get 3 kids to cooperate at the same time is a challenge!DSC_1699DSC_1689DSC_1680DSC_1675DSC_1666

And finally, a few snuggles from Grandpa before heading to the airport.  Cason doesn’t cuddle much at all, but he walked right over to Grandpa and put his arms in the air.  I think he’s in love (and the feeling is mutual!)


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