Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009...

I just got a little sad today when I thought about tomorrow being Halloween. The past few years, Ryan and I have enjoyed carving pumpkins and handing out candy. Okay, I did most of the carving and candy giving but Ryan was there, keeping me company!

We decided not to carve a pumpkin this year, instead just hanging out with Ryan's family while they carved their pumpkins. We won't be handing out candy since we don't have any neighbors. We didn't even put our blow up pumpkin man out in the yard. Maybe next year we'll have some neighbors!

We will celebrate Halloween at the Hebert's Halloween Party and I'm very much looking forward to it.

So, in celebration, here are our pumpkins from the past two years.

I'm holding out hope (but not holding my breath) that I'll get to make an Astro's pumpkin one year soon.

Strong Heartbeat

We went today for my 12 week appointment. No ultrasound but she used the "Doppler" to hear the heartbeat. It was strong and fast, like it should be. We are planning to tell all our friends tomorrow night then I think this blog will go public!

I've been feeling pretty "puney" the last couple of days. I really just want to lay on the couch for the rest of the day but I have work work work. Ugh.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nothing New...

I'll be 11 weeks on Sunday. I go for my next appointment on Friday morning and then we plan to start telling our friends.

Nothing really new to report. I still get sick 3-4 days a week and am pretty exhausted all the time, but its managable. I don't think I've gained any weight because I dont have much of an appetite and when I do, I just want one or two things. The other night, I only wanted McAlisters Chicken Tortilla Soup or Ghenghis Grill fried rice with potatoes (a staple for me these days) and pineapple. So, off to McAlisters I went to find they weren't serving Chicken Tort that day (this happens probably 5 days a year, and of course, it would happen to me). So then I went to Ghenghis and it was so packed, but I waited because thats what I wanted. Ryan started calling me "Pregzilla" that night and it was probably about to be true had my food taken any longer to arrive. I was so hungry that I opened it in the car and had a potato... with my fingers. Nice.

That's really all thats going on in pregnancy world. Stay tuned for a more exciting update next week!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Admiral Update

He loves his new yard... even if he sunbathes as close to the patio as he possibly can!

Kitchen Table!

Today we went out in search of some tables. We need to get either a Kitchen table or coffee table so we'd have someplace to eat. We previously looked at kitchen tables when shopping for our couches but never found anything we liked. So many tables we saw were counter height tables and that just wasn't what we wanted.

We found a table on Pottery Barn's website that we really liked but we didn't like the price. We decided we'd spend today table shopping and go to Houston if we had to. We were planning for a LONG day of shopping.

We hit a couple of places in the Woodlands and ran by Pottery Barn to check out the table in person. We still loved it but the price was just... well... obnoxious. The salesperson at Pottery Barn told us they were having some great specials so we looked around at other tables. They helped us find one that was very similar to the one we came in for, but for much less $$. And, she snuck us a 20% off coupon so we could get the whole set for 20% off and they had EVERYTHING IN STOCK.

We did lots of inspection and were just really happy with the table and the chairs, so we bought it. It was just what we wanted, a 60" square with 2 leaves to extend it to 76" or 92". I know, sounds huge but its perfect in our breakfast room with one leaf. By 1:30pm we were headed home with our new table and 8 chairs! YIPPEE!!!

All the pieces were well packaged and all we had to put together was screwing the table legs on. Its very sturdy and very heavy! We love it!

The next mission is still coffee table/end tables for the family room but at least now we can eat sitting down!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Planning to Bake... Again

I have yet to bake ANYTHING in my new kitchen.

I have cooked some meals but no baking. This is going to change soon. My coworkers are asking why I haven't baked for them in a while so I need to rectify this situation.
First, I have to do some test runs on the recipes I am making out of the new Junior League Cookbook for the Holiday Market. I have to make 3 batches each of Peanut Butter Bon Bons and Mississippi Mud Bars.

Second, I saw this on Bakerella today... Snickerdoodle Duo. Yum. I've never made a Martha Stewart recipe so we'll see how it goes.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Announcement

This weekend we finally told our families the good news. We've been waiting for various reasons but mainly so that we could tell my parents in person. My parents came in town for the weekend so we invited Ryan's over for lunch and football on Saturday.

We previously planned to let Admiral share the news....
Then we found out Clive was coming for a visit so we added him in on the fun...
We dressed both dogs and sent them to the family room. At first everyone was laughing that the dogs were in shirts. Then, it slowly started to sink in with everyone that the shirts had meaning and the mom's started to cry. It took the dad's a little longer to figure it out... I had to be a little more direct with my dad... "Dad, I'm Pregnant!" :) Men! Ha!
We sent the above picture to Ryan's brother's since Clive is Kevin and Steph's dog. When Kevin finally responded, he had not really paid attention to what the shirt said. After some prodding and a guess of a Puppy, he figured out we were having a baby... a "human baby"! Eric took all day to respond but confirmed that Whit figured it out immediately! Eric has already called dibs on the "Cool Uncle" title... we'll see how that plays out over the coming years! We called my brother and told him he'd be an Uncle in May and he was super excited and couldn't wait to tell my niece she was gonna have a cousin! I think our kid will have the best Uncles and Aunts anyone could ask for!!
A few more weeks before we tell the world!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moving In

A quick update on the move...

Three Men Movers were GREAT! If we ever have to move again (please God, I hope not) we will definitely call them first!
We unpacked TONS of boxes...

The master bedroom is pretty much complete, just needs some things on the walls (excuse the bad picture).
The chair from our family room set fits perfect!
New washer and Dryer!

New couches in the family room... still need a rug and tables.

And our first use of the new grill!!!

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