Saturday, May 4, 2013

Claire's new words

She says a lot and some of it we can decipher
"Caa-ka" - Cracker
"Ow"/"ooowl" - owl - I love that this is in her first 10 words!!!
"Day-do"/"dank-do" - thank you (She is pretty cute saying this. If you give her a toy she says thank you, then hands it back and says thank you, repeat.)
"Ma-ma"/"Mo-mo" - More more (she does this with her attempt at the sign for more. We realized that 90% of the time we thought she was saying Mamma she was really asking for more food)
"Hiiii"/"hi hi hi hi" - Hi (she gets so excited when she sees Cason that its normally the fast "hi hi hi" version until he acknowledges her!)
"Peas" - please

And for fun, a couple of pictures. The one of her walking is the essence of Claire...always swinging her arm and on a mission!

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